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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a restaurant in the Las Vegas area?

Not as yet, but, our catering service is available at your convenience. Just go to our catering menu and call to arrange catering for your next event.

Where can I buy your sauce?

Right here at, just click the "Order Sauce" tab. 

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How did Chef Vegas Vance get started?

I was born into it! I am a 3rd generation of Whitmore's that has been grilling BBQ in Cleveland, Ohio since 1942. My grandfather Virgil Whitmore Sr. of Mount Pleasant, Texas came to Cleveland and opened his first restaurant and we have been doing it ever since. We've never closed our doors. The original restaurant is still there an operating today. Now we have expanded to the Las Vegas area, we are starting with Catering Services and will soon be opening our very first restaurant in Las Vegas when the time is right!

What is the Whitmore Way?

The Whitmore Way is the ⭕️ Circle of Love, we create through our service to others. We can’t wait for you to experience it!

What is the Whitmore Flavor?

The Whitmore Flavor is everything that surrounds the ⭕️ Circle of Love. Our Service and Dedication to doing all things in Love ❤️

Where can we see Chef "Vegas" Vance, again?

He's probably on some golf course if he's not in the kitchen. He also pops up on TV shows every now and then so keep a look out. It's hard for us to keep track of the Chef sometimes ourselves! Keep following us on Social Media to find out!